BGA Rework Station ETA-900(N2)


1.ETA-900 is a small and large(can be repaired max. PCB size 750mmX620mm) with optical alignment

system, using infrared and gas (including nitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating method, all actions are driven by the motor, software Controlled de-soldering integrated rework station. Used for de soldering various packaged chips. Suitable for any BGA devices, special and difficult to repair components POP,CCGA,BGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD,MLF (Micro Lead Frames).

2.Independent six-axis linkage, seven motors drive all actions. The upper and lower temperature zones/PCB movement and the optical alignment system X/Y movement are all controlled by the joystick, which is easy to operate. With memory function, it is suitable for batch rework to improve efficiency and high degree of automation.

3.Integrated design of heating head and placement head, with automatic rotation, alignment, welding and Automatic disassembly functions;

4.The upper air head adoptsa4-channel hot air heating system, plusa2-channel independent cooling system, Which can heat up quickly, evenly temperature, and cooldown (the temperature can drop by 50-80 degrees When cooling down),which better meets the process requirements of lead-free soldering. The lower heating Direct area is heated by a mixture of infrared + hot air.

5.Independent three temperature zones (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone, infrared preheating zone), the upper temperature zone and the lower temperature zone realize synchronous and automatic movement, which can automatically reach any position of the bottom infrared pre heating zone. The lower temperature zone can move up and down to support the PCB, which is automatically controlled by a motor.

Realize that the PCB does not move on the fixture, and the upper and lower heating heads can be moved to the target chip on the PCB as a whole.

6.The original bottom infra red preheating platform adopts high-quality heating materials imported from Germany (infrared gold-plated light tube)+ anti-glare constant temperature glass (temperature resistance up to1800°C),

7.The pre heating platform, splint device and cooling system can be moved automatically in the X direction as a whole. Make PCB positioning and de soldering  affair and more convenient.

8.X,Y direction movable type and overall unique design, the equipments pace is fully utilized, the large area PCB rework is realized with a relatively small equipment volume, the maximum splint size can reach 750*620mm, and there is no dead corner for rework;

9.The splint device is equipped with positioning scales, and the system can memorize historical positioning scales, making repeated positioning more convenient and quicker.

10.Built-in vacuum pump, arbitrary rotation of Φ axis angle, advanced stepper motor control, automatic memory function, precise fine-tuning of the mounting nozzle;

11.The suction nozzle automatically recognizes the suction and placement height, and the pressure can be controlled with in a small range of 10 grams, with 0 pressure suction and placement functions, aimed at smaller chips;

12.HDMI high-definition imaging system, which can meet the rework of all kinds of tiny SMD components. Color high-definition optical vision system, with dichroic, magnification and fine-tuning functions, including color difference resolution device, auto-focus, software operation function,32xoptical resolution, reworkable maximum component size 120*120mm;

13.The temperature control method breaks through the previous witch control (switch control: the temperature of the heating element is controlled by the length of solid-state on-off time; the power of the heating element is Only alternately switched between 0 or 100% to control the temperature of the heating element during heating., Temperature relative impedance),the machine uses analogue control (the power of the heating element is continuously controlled through the analogue, and the power of the heating element is continuously changed from 0-100% to achieve stable and accurate temperature control). High-end reflow soldering homogenization adopts this heating control method: computer+ PLC control; embedded industrial

control computer, touch screen man-machine interface. PLC control, real-time temperature curve display, setting curve and actual measurement curve can be displayed, and temperature measurement curve can be analysed;

14. 10 sections of rising (falling) temperature +10 sections of constant temperature control, mass storage of Temperature curves, curve analysis can be performed on the touch screen;

15.Alloy hot air nozzles of various sizes are easy to replace and can be rotated and positioned at 360°. Equipped with 5 temperature measurement ports, with multi-point real-time temperature monitoring and Analysis functions.

16.Equipped with nitrogen inlet, which can be connected with nitrogen

Shielded welding, making repairing more Safe and reliable.

17.Using a fixture with positioning scales to automatically take or disassemble the chip, as long as the chip size Is input on the operation screen, the upper lime light will automatically absorb the center position of the chip, Which is more suitable for mass production.

With solid-state operation display function, the temperature control is safer and more reliable.

18.The machine can automatically generate the SMT standard temperature disassembly curve under the Temperature of different regions and different environments, with out manual setting of the machine curve ,and Can be used by operators with or without experience, realizing machine intelligence.

19.Exclusive dual-channel heating method, when the BGA chip is heated, the temperature error of the four Corners of the chip can be controlled within 5°C.

20.With a camera to observe the melting point on the side of the solder ball, it is convenient to determine the curve. (This function is optional).

21.With optional function:

a.The heating area and the adjacent area can produce a long lasting 30°C temperature difference, which Better protects the surrounding small BGA from reaching the melting point. This function is aimed at Rubberizing boards such as mobile phones and notebooks;

b.The existing semi-automatic optical system can be replaced with a fully automatic optical system;

c.The existing embedded industrial computer control can be replaced with a general-purpose computer

Software control, which is compatible with printers, strip scanning, etc.;

d.The automatic functions of the existing PCB X,Y and optical systems can be changed to manual, which

Reduces the cost, is economical, and meets more customers who need to repair large boards



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