In Line Multistage Cleaning Machine ETA-6300


  1. Overall SUS304 stainless steel body: acid resistance, alkaline cleaning fluid, durable, beautiful appearance.
  2.  All SUS304 stainless steel materials: pump, liquid tank, filter barrel, valve, pipeline, floating ball, heating pipe.
  3.  PCBA batch cleaning: mesh belt conveyor system, forward and back out, online cleaning mode.
  4.  High cleaning quality: excellent cleaning effect, rosin, no cleaning flux, water-soluble flux, tin ball and dust can be cleaned.
  5.  Equipped with water-based chemical cleaning, DI water rinsing, hot air drying and other processes.
  6.  Overall length of the machine, width of process adjustment window: 6200 mm, equipped with long cleaning section, long rinsing section and long hot air drying section, suitable for any PCBA cleaning.
  7.  The machine touch screen English operation interface, Mitsubishi PLC control, simple system and convenient operation.
  8.  Up to 100 groups of PCBA cleaning program can be called and stored, and the program is easy to edit.
  9.  Machine history can be queried.
  10.  The pressure of nozzles in each group can be adjusted respectively to achieve the best spray cleaning and rinsing effect.
  11.  The cleaning section and rinsing section adopt multi type nozzle combination, taking care of the cleaning pressure and permeability requirements,  and adapting to the cleaning of different precision components of PCBA.
  12.  High quality high voltage electric pump, cleaning pressure up to 80psi.
  13.  3-layer sealing mode: 3-layer sealing in the cleaning and rinsing section to prevent any heating mist of cleaning solution and spraying of rinsing water.
  14.  Renewal of DI water overflow: from the back to the front, the rinsing DI water is updated in the way of overflow to ensure the cleaning quality and save water.
  15.  Double liquid level induction, double temperature control system: double protection.
  16.  Energy saving mode: when no PCBA is put into the system, the main equipment functions such as heater, water pump and blower will stop running to achieve the design of saving water, water and electricity.
  17.  Water quality monitoring: the rinsing water inlet is equipped with resistivity monitoring system to monitor the water resistivity of rinsing water.
  18.  Alarm for not leaving the board after timeout: if PCBA enters but fails to exit after timeout, will alarm and remind.
  19.  Front and rear two sets of pressure gauges: the front is convenient for observing the state of the machine, and the back  is convenient for machine maintenance.
  1. The equipment adopts three-phase five wire power supply with 380V, 50Hz, 70 ~ 110KW (optional).
  2. Main power leakage protection: "Mitsubishi" leakage protection switch is adopted for the main power switch of the electric control cabinet.
  3. The machine is equipped with power supply phase failure and phase protection functions.
  4. The pump, motor and heating device are all separately air switches corresponding to overload protection.
  5. Current surge protection: when the machine is started, all electrical equipment will be started one by one to reduce the instant current impact and protect the machine and lines.
  6. Pump and heater protection: low liquid level alarm protection function is designed.
  7. Liquid and heating temperature protection: PID mode, when the temperature reaches the set value, the heater stops working; when the temperature is lower than the set value, the heater starts to work until the set temperature is reached.
  8. Power off protection: the machine is equipped with UPS backup power supply system to supply power.
  9. Emergency stop: emergency stop switch is set on the inlet end, outlet end and operation surface, so as to cut off the power supply in time in case of accidents during production


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Conveyor width


Conveyor speed


Conveyor height


PCBA direction

  Left to Right 

PCBA width


PCBA height


Clean temp

 Room temp~80?

hot air dry temp

 Room temp~100?

DI water consumption


Exhausted air





380VAC 3P 50/60HZ 110 KW

Air supply

 0.5~0.7Mpa 200~400L/min 

Resistivity range


Machine size

 6620(L)x1650(W)X1650(H) mm 

Machine weight