UV Curing Oven U1/U2/U3


ETA uv oven is cost-effective drying Oven produced by ETA, mainly to deal with the application of Adhesive(glue, uv photosensitive, inks, Epoxy resin adhesive etc). then followed by injection-type or print multiple materials in an instant surface cured and dried.


1. Control system: Instrument or PLC+ touch screen control, make sure machine working steadily.

2. UV lamp lifetime can reach 1000-1200 hour, the energy of UV is higher and the penetration ability of the coating is stronger. abnormal lamp protection device.

3. Conveyer belt made by Teflon materials, has no pole speed regulation, and speed is stable and adjustable.

4. Focus design, import high light reflector lamp shade, instant drying, fast speed.

5. Independent cooling area ensures the low temperature when PCB comes out.

6. Transmission system use imported motors, speed adjuster, smoothly running, adjustable speed at 0-2000mm/min.

7. Stainless steel chain transportation, the effective width is 50-450mm, the width can be adjusted.

8. The equipment has the function of in and out board detection, which can observe the number and transportation of the boards in the equipment.

9. It is equipped with transformer, reflector, lamp tube, trigger, UV reflective device and reflector at the bottom, which greatly improves the utilization rate of UV light. Each group of UV lamps can be controlled separately, and the height can be adjusted up and down.

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