IR Oven IR3/IR4/IR8/Customised


ETA IR oven is cost-effective Curing Oven produced by ETA, mainly to deal with the application of glue curing, special soldering, SMD testing, Anti-corrosion paint dry, radiator welding.


1. Control system: Instrument or plc+ touch screen or PC control optional, make sure machine working steadily.

2. IR heating: top zones IR heating, good heater compensatory, High thermal efficiency, energy saving, speedy heating, Temperature Accuracy ± 1.5 ?, room temperature settling time less than 20 minutes.

3. PID intelligent precision controller, automatically control heating volume, fuzzy control function changes the external heating fast, and by internal control ensures more balanced temperature.

4.Use imported big current solid relay, without touch point output, safe, reliable, with special SSR radiator, greatly improve thermal efficiency and lifetime.

5.ETA using third-party over-temperature protection, multiple layers protection to ensure safe operation.

6.Products comply with CE,CCC,UL and other standard or specifications.

7.Independent cooling area ensures the low temperature when PCB comes out.

8.Transmission system use imported motors, speed adjuster, smoothly running, adjustable speed at 0-2000mm/min.

9. ETA design makes temperature from each zone is not influenced by neighbor to ensure accurate temperature curve, to achieve high adaptability.

10. Using zero gas source design, furnace cover with motor lifting, safety rod support, providing significant security.

11. Special durable Rail not out of shape. Central support, dual transmission, external water cooling system is optional.

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