Glue Dispenser ETA-350(Lens)

Machine features:

  1. CCD vision system, automatic identification and positioning: identify the are a of random flat, automatic identification and positioning, improve production efficiency
  2. Small operation error: large gantry milling machining solid square steel welding platform, using imported high precision grinding grade wire rod, high precision grinding grade slide rail, high precision grinding grade slider, high precision balancing device, japan imported Mitsubishi servo motor to ensure high efficiency and high precision.
  3. Powerful electronic control system: adopt professional industrial control PC computer, original motor, electronic components, wiring, dustproof, anti-static system are designed according to national standards.
  4. Automatic cleaning system: automatic cleaning of valve body and mixed pipe, quick and convenient operation.
  5. Easy to operate, can store 0-1000 sets of parameters, production out of the product parameters, press the start key can.

Scope of application:

The equipment is suitable for high efficiency, high operation precision, high glue proportion production process; mainly used in: crafts, label signs, wall stickers, electronic products and other industries. Traditional artificial gelling has many disadvantages:

  1. The amount of glue is not uniform, complete manual operation, the proportion is not correct, the amount of glue is not uniform, so that the qualified rate of products is reduced.
  2. The speed of artificial glue filling is slow, and the yield cannot be raised.
  3. Manual recruitment, management is difficult.
  4. Pure artificial glue waste. This machine can completely solve the above problems, can save cost for customers, improve product quality and output, and become an important tool for customers to move towards high efficiency production

Performance characteristics of spray valve:

  1. Suitable for Spray of a variety of fluids, such as bottom filler, sealant, surface coating, UV curing glue, conductive epoxy glue, red glue, silver paste, ink, etc.
  2. Spray dispensing greatly improve the dispensing capacity.
  3. Can be matched with spray valve, screw valve, syringe valve and so on to meet various high requirements and High precision dispensing application.
  4. 4.Glue dots can be as small as 400 microns in diameter, ensuring That glue can be tapped in a narrow space.
  5. Modular design, easy to disassemble and clean maintenance.

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Jet Valve:

Glue Dispensing for LED Lens mounting