Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning Machine ETA-830


Ultrasonic stencil cleaning machine ETA-830 is an ultrasonic stencil cleaning machine, used for automatic cleaning of SMT solder paste steel mesh, red rubber steel mesh, and solder paste scraper cleaning. ETA-830 adopts a water-based cleaning process, a comprehensive use of spray and ultrasonic cleaning modes, as well as spray rinsing, air knife water cutting, drying and other functions. The cleaning effect is good, the liquid consumption is low, and the environmentally friendly water-based cleaning process It is perfectly integrated with modern steel mesh cleaning requirements to ensure cleaning quality and improve cleaning efficiency. ETA-830 uses a steel mesh lifting mechanism. When cleaning, the thicker solder paste is sprayed first, and then the thinner solder paste is cleaned by ultrasonic vibration. After cleaning, it is rinsed with DI water spray, and the steel mesh is lifted after rinsing. Hot air drying to make the cleaned steel mesh clean and dry, take it out and put it aside.

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