DIP Insertion Line(manual/Motorised)


For SMT and DIP factory setup, we can do for you:

1. We provide full SMT/DIP solution for you

2. We provide core technology with our equipment’s

3. We provide the most professional tech service

4. We have wealthy experience on SMT/DIP factory setup

5. We can solve any question about SMT/DIP Specifications:

-Size: (L)3000*(W)600*(H) 1950±20mm, table height:750±20mm PCB width: 50-350mm(adjustable)

-Drive system: Taiwan motor(2HP)and 80# Retarder, inverter made by adlas power, speed range 0-5m/min

-Main body: 40×40MM aluminium product; rail by 40×60MM aluminium; lantern support by 40×40MM aluminium,   --Frame made by 40 x 40 aluminium product,

-Lighting system: 40W lighting, lamp by FSL,

Wire is 1.5², Subsection control Power: The lower line socket, both sides separate control, wire using 4 square wire, each with 2 meters, about 1 each, trough made of galvanized plate production, the size is 60 * 80 * 1 mm; accessory: operation card made by 25×14“H” aluminium product, with A4 transparent hard plastic


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