PCB Baking Oven K60/K80/K100/K150 (up to 300deg C)

ETA high temperature bake oven is mainly used in the field of SMT, providing high temperature baking for PCB and other products, meeting the requirements of SMT process.


1. The structure is reasonable, beautiful and durable, safe and reliable, efficient and energy-saving.

2. Leakage protection: in case of leakage of the machine body, the main brake switch of the power supply will be cut off immediately to effectively protect the damage of electrical components of the machine body and the safety of operators.

3. Over temperature alarm: when the temperature exceeds the set value and reaches the over temperature value, cut off the heating power supply and give an audible and visual alarm to effectively protect the body and products from damage due to abnormal high temperature.

4. Automatic timing function: when the oven reaches the pre-set temperature, the timing starts, and when it reaches the pre-set time, the heating stops automatically.

5. Motor protection: in case of high resistance and over-current, the thermal relay of the motor is open, which can effectively protect the motor from over-current and damage.

6. Grounding protection: safety grounding protection of body structure.

7. Scope of application: high temperature baking in SMT industry

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