• High positional accuracy, repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; printing accuracy 0.025mm

• Support glue printing, Automatic control improves production efficiency, quality control and saves production cost

• Automatic PCB calibration, Squeegee pressure adjustable, Automatic printing, Automatic stencil cleaning

• Programmable motor controls separation speed and distance among squeegee, stencil and substrate, to realize multi-method separation.

• Multi-functional PCB positioning system for convenient and accurate PCB positioning.

• Programmable PCB lifting platform ensure the PCB to lift to a proper height

• Adopt company independently developed suspended print head with automatic pressure adjustment system. Support on-line real time pressure feedback and automatic squeegee pressure balancing. Accurate pressure control ensures perfect paste forming effect.

• Applicable PCB types: LCD TV, STB, LED, family cinema, automotive electronics& general electronics products.

• SMEMA standard.

TOP Advantage:

• Simple: combined with advanced international concepts, based on the Oriental-designed operating system, easy to learn.

• Expertise: learn imported reflow oven’s advanced design concepts, and the machine core components are using imported top brands.

• Hedging: Import hardware configuration, low failure rate in production, more than a decade service life.

• Safety: Based on the general rules of international design, close to imported reflow rating, the highest security level.

• Stable: mature software, hardware and top production processes ensures stability of each equipment.

Standard Features:

• Print Head :Stress Free Arch designed Squeegee Head

• Transport System: Unique belt design to prevent stuck PCB

• Vision System :Uniform ring and high brightness coaxial light source. Advanced up and down matching system

• Cleaning System: Dry, wet and vacuum cleaning, can also be manual cleaning. CCD and cleaning part are designed separately. Unique spray cleaning system, from top to bottom, spray evenly. Software control alcohol and paper consumption save consumable. Special exhaust motor, vacuum strong and effective.

• PCB Support Table: The three-axis linkage adjustment system has superb dynamic characteristics and quickly realizes the adjustment of PCB

• Operating System: Windows 7/10, Friendly MMI interface, teaching and navigation function.

• Operation log, fault record analysis and other diagnostic functions. New program is controlled within 5-10 minutes.

• 2D Inspection

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Frame Size(mm)

470*370 ~ 1500*750

1100*300 ~ 1800*750

PCB Size(mm)

80*50 ~ 1200*350

80*50 ~ 1500*350

PCB Thickness



Transport Height



Repeat Accuracy



Printing Accuracy



Power Supply



Support System

Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/support block

Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/support block

Clamping System

Side clamping

Side clamping

Printer Head

Two independent motorised printhead

Two independent motorised printhead

Cleaning System

Dry, Wet, Vacuum

Dry, Wet, Vacuum


2D Inspection(Standard)

2D Inspection(Standard)

Control Method

PC Control

PC Control







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