Automatic Lead Cutting Machine

Features: 1.the whole machine made of cutting part ,components feeder device,support table . 2.This is for leds ,inductors ,capacitors and transistors lead (foot)/leg cutting . 3.Feeder components type :automatically feeder components to the cutting area . 4. Suitable for mass production, saves the manpower. 5. Special cutting method, cutter adopts steel imported from Japan, long life, easy adjustment, easy maintenance. 6. Cut the foot high accuracy, the shortest can be cut to 3 mm (shorter made needs). 7. The electrical union, feeding effect is good, fast. 8. Cut the foot machine and feeding plate used in combination, can also be used separately. 9. The fuselage and feeding plate adopt fission double positioning method. 10. Feeding plate vibration shrapnel imported fiber board, long life, aging is not easy to fracture. 11. Equipped with revolving cars, convenient machine operation and handling. 12. Cutting components : body diameters 3-10mm ,line diameter 0.35-2.0mm 13.Cutting feet length : 3-20mm (can be adjusted) Specifications: a.Power:110V/220V AC.60HZ/50HZ b.Size:L1100*W650*H1000 m/m c.Wet:140kg d.Capacity:9000-15000Pcs/H

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