I.C.T. SMT Intelligent Storage Solution ISS-2000


I.C.T SMT Intelligent Storage System is an important part of the smart factory. It is a device that integrates cloud management, intelligent operation, and refined management. It performs efficient component loading/unloading and replenishment through direct processing and batch loading/unloading of reel components, reducing the cumbersome manual management. Greatly improved production efficiency.

Local service:

I.C.T joins hands with a European local manufacturer brand with more than 40 years of history in the electronics industry equipment production industry to provide customers with European manufacturing quality products while providing localized services and professional capabilities and complete systems in after-sales service and technical support, adhering to the concept of Globalization and Localization of business services. This allows customers to fully feel the advantages of using intelligent storage systems to improve production efficiency and management levels.

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Excellent error-proofing system, intuitive management method, simple operation, intelligent fool-proofing.


1. Made in Europe, the quality assurance system formed after years of development and improvement complies with the CE quality certification system;

2. Only the reels you need are unloaded.Direct handling brings a whole new level of efficiency to tasks;

3. Dedicated multifunctional unloading platform, even reels of different sizes can be unloaded;

4. Direct handling eliminates the need for dedicated storage boxes for reel assemblies and saves the space cost of dedicated storage boxes;

5. Batch Loading / Handling of up to 33 reels, compared to automatic storage that only loads 1 reel at a time, while loading or unloading components, this time can be effectively used for other tasks;

6. The Intelligent Storage System's built-in barcode reader automatically scans barcodes on all reels during batch loading. This prevents read errors caused by human error and eliminates the scanning process, making the receiving process more efficient;

7. Option humidity control module, you can choose to control the humidity inside the Intelligent Storage System 24 hours a day to avoid moisture damage to components;

8. Time limit management, managing time-limited components to avoid component defects caused by missing the use period;

9. Multiple uninstall modes, including first-in-first-out mode, prioritizing use based on production date, prioritizing uninstalling based on current use, etc;

10. "Industry 4.0": Compatible with customers' MES/ERP systems to achieve information sharing and processing; 11. In line with European design and usage concepts, we rely on our rich experience and unique advantages to continuously innovate technology to better adapt to localized operating environments and operating habits.

Top Advantages:

Batch work tasks Multiple reels of different sizes can be loaded or unloaded at the same time. During this period, the operator or the machine can be scheduled to complete other tasks, making the operation simpler and more efficient.

Dedicated platform The uniquely designed platform and efficient movement can handle different components and reels of different sizes. The reel is directly clamped during handling to avoid the deflection and fall of the reel during handling.

Built-in code scanner During the loading and unloading process, the Intelligent Storage System automatically reads the barcode on the scroll through the built-in code scanner and repeats the verification to avoid code reading errors caused by human errors. It eliminates the need for human operators to operate the scanning process and makes the work process more efficient.

Temperature and humidity control The internal and external temperature and humidity monitoring sensors, it can display internal and external temperature and humidity in real time. Option humidity control module to confirm that components can be stored at the correct humidity to a void damage.

CE quality system Made in Europe, the quality assurance system formed after years of development and improvement is a door lock that complies with CE certification. The door will be locked during operation and cannot be opened. When it is opened, the machine cannot be operated, ensuring safety during maintenance.

Industry 4.0 "Industry 4.0" is the current trend of manufacturing technology automation and data exchange. “Smart factory”: In a modularly structured smart factory, cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, create virtual copies of the physical world and make decentralized decisions. "Information sharing": By sharing information, the cloud processes production plans and controls materials.