ETA-5700 M/L/XL OFF Line PCBA Router

ETA 5700 is a high-precision PCBA router, which is used in smart phonessmart wear,smart home, tablet computers, automotive electronicsmedical devices, aerospace, military and other fields.

Features: -

  • New CCD system, new vision system can correspond to all kinds of pcb mark. with visual counterpoint correction function.
  • The sensor can monitor the milling cutter state in real time, and effectively prevent the continuous operation of the cutter.
  • Using high speed spindle, cutting stress is greatly reduced, precision is high, inertia is small, and response is fast.
  • Ion air gun will remove static electricity on PCB surface and prevent dust from adsorbing on PCB.
  • Dual platform structure, can deal with different products at the same time, while the dual platform can be combined into a single platform to enhance the flexibility of equipment
  • Adopt CNC special controller, high stability and strong anti-interference.
  • The separated vacuum dust collector adopts high efficiency motor with high suction and low noise.
  • Humanized operation system design, simple operation, flexible. Milling


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