I.C.T dry cabinet can be used for storage of SMT IC, BGA, precision electronic components, special chemicals, semiconductor devices, optical
electronic devices, printed circuit boards, optical films and lenses, precision instruments and meters.

1.The humidity range of standard models is adjustable from 20% to 60%RH.
2.A guardian master of moisture, mildew and rust prevention.
3.Steel laminates provide greater support.
4.Beautiful back design, the main engine is located at the back without occupying space.
5.Passed the CE certification.
6.Advanced digital control, display accuracy 3%RH.
7.The host is made of PPS refractory material, with heat resistance of about 260 ? and excellent safety.
8.High strength electronic moisture-proof box has led digital display and LCD digital display for selection.
9.Eliminate the generation of defective products caused by humidity in SMT/packaging test/PCB/LED industry, and greatly improve the yield.

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