In Circuit Tester I.C.T._Q518D

The test points out of the PCB layout are contacted by the test probe to detect the open circuit, short circuit and the soldering of parts, which can be divided into open circuit test, short circuit test, resistance test, capacitance test, diode test, triode test, FET test, IC pin test and other missing and wrong installation, parameter value deviation, solder joint continuous welding Circuit board open short circuit and other faults, and output the fault condition

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1.Equipped with EC jet test technology
2.Design of CMOS + replay switch card
3.True broadband test technology
4.Humanized win7 interface, simple operation and easy to use
5.Powerful board view
6.Five wire test technology, up to four terminal components can be tested
7.ATPD automatic test program debugging
8.Improve statistical analysis reports and effectively monitor production quality


Model I.C.T-Q518D

PCB Size 500mm x 380mm(STANDARD)

Test points 256points Standard(1024points is optional)

Test steps: No Limited

Switch Card:128/pot

Isolated points: 10/cart

The test speed: 0.5sec/1024 points(Open/Short) 2ms ~ 40ms/step(component)

A/D...D/A: 14

AC voltage: 10mVPP ~ 2500mVPP

DC voltage:10mV ~ ±1250mV

AC/DC current 10uA ~ 20mA

Test frequency AC 100 ~ 100KHz

Test range Resistance 0.1 Ω ~ 40M Ω The accuracy is 0.05 Ω~ 100M Ω ( 2-wire) ± 1% - 5% (four wire) 0.05 Ω. Capacitance 1pf ~ 40MF precision ± 2%-5%. Inductance 1uh ~ 50h, accuracy 2% - 5%. Diodes 0.1 ~ 6V accuracy ± 1%-3%. Stabilized voltage diode 0.1 ~ 15V precision ± 1%-3%. Measurement of VCE saturation voltage at three terminals of transistor β value. Three terminal test of field effect transistor VDS, CDs, RD (on). Optical coupler and relay, with four terminals to test its conduction voltage or resistance.

Polarity test of electrolytic capacitor: 3 end test

SMD empty soldering test (option): SMD open/short circuit and empty soldering test module can be purchased separately

Impedance series parallel: Multi frequency test method or amplitude phase method are adopted

Main processor: PC compatible

Operating system: Win7(English version)

Air Pressure: 3~6Kg/cm2

Power Supply: AC:100~240,50/60HZ,3Kw

Dimension(mm): 830*830*1600 Weight Approx:170kg

* The data is obtained under ambient temperature of 25? and humidity of 60%