LED Lens Pick and Place Lens-8

As a flexible pick and place for SMD is reinforced at Lens-8. With a head with one gantry and 8 spindles, Lens-8 can be used 0402 to 25mm IC parts. Lens-8 improved actual productivity and placement quality by using high speed and high precision electrically driven feeders.


1.English operating system on the basis of imported placement machines to ensure the simplicity and convenience of the operator. 2.I.C.T unique mounting pressure control system, full closed-loop mount control system in Z-axis placement process to ensure the effective height and placement accuracy .

3.I.C.T exclusive image recognition system uses digital identification and equips with new industrial cameras.

4. Machine with vacuum pump, provide stable gas source, improve production quality.

5.The first domestically servo motor controlled independently arm with six heads to achieve a maximum speed 30,000 CPH, optimum placement speed and accuracy.

6.High precision hardware, imported top brands core parts to ensure placement precision, communication systems and so on. 7.Industrial-grade computer control and windows operating system.

8.Standard feeder with sensor to prevent components hip up to ensure safe operation.

9. Y-axis is driven by double servo motors to ensure long-term stability and high accuracy of the machine.

10. Three-stage transmission conveyor, the longest can correspond to 1200 mm PCB.

11. High-speed flight vision system, 0 second recognition, improve production efficiency

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