I.C.T. 400/510 Laser Marking

This unit is used to mark text, barcode, 2D code & graphic on PCB, I.C.T laser marking machine is mainly used in PCB industry. It can connect SMT assembly line seamlessly and support online data transmission and information return of MES system.


1. The performance of the CO2 laser, fiber laser, green laser and UV laser is stable.

2. High speed vibrating mirror is adopted,high precision,high speed,and performance is stable.

3. CCD positioning is fast and accurate, and can be automatically recognized after marking.

4. The software interface is humanized, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the editing function is powerful.

5. Automatically read the two dimensional code and save the data.Automatically record and alarm when it is unable to read.

6. Compared with ordinary printing, no consumables, environmental pollution free, maintenance free.

7. It has the function of anti reprinting data to avoid repeated marking of information.

8. It can be seamlessly connected with SMT line and MES system. 9. Offline and online compatible.

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