I.C.T. AISM08 SMT Automatic Intelligent Splicing Machine


I.C.T SMT Automatic Splicing Machine is developed to meet the requirements of SMT automatic production line for fast refueling
without shutdown. It can automatically detect the position of empty component, accurately cut and over probability of more
than 98% for the head and tail of two rolls of material belts with the same specification. It can be equipped with RC
measurement function to reduce dependence on manpower, reduce management cost, improve detection efficiency, improve
the production rate of SMT production line and avoid batch misfeeding, I.C.T SMT splicing machine has completed the full
coverage of 4-72mm feeder.

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1.Simple operation: learn to operate in 5 minutes, everyone can operate, and reduce dependence on personnel.
2.Error proofing: automatic code scanning and error proofing, which can be connected with the customer's MES for double
3.Empty components detection: CCD detection can identify the above 01005

4.Accurate traceability: connect MES production system to facilitate customer traceability.
5.Increase the production line production rate: increase the production line production rate of SMT with a probability of more
than 95%.
6.Determination of measured value: RC measured value function can be selected to avoid batch wrong components.
7. Labor saving: one person operation realize two smt lines.
8. Determination of empty components level and spacing: use CCD optics to automatically detect the presence or absence of
components, and automatically and accurately calibrate the cutting position of components.
9. Recycling: after the components is received successfully, the operator will press the components reel recycling button for a
long time to realize automatic material collection, which is convenient and fast.
10. Accurate and efficient: each time only about 10s to complete.