Autofocus 3D Microscope AM3D


1.The 3D digital video microscope is based on an infinite optical system, 0.6-5.0X, Zoom-stereo microscope, Working distance 86mm.

2.2D and 3D observation can be manually switched freely,360°rotation. Objective view Angle is 45°. When switching between 2D and 3D viewing, The working distance remains constant, No need to refocus. The center stays the same, it keeps doubling and each multiplier is a sharp image.

3.CCD interface with fine tuning device can match any CCD camera, fine tuning without turning the lens and camera.

4.Lowest power field can be filled with camera field of view no black edges, high resolution, large depth of field.

5.Equipped with AN HDMI saved 2K industrial camera, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 21.5-inch HD HDMI display.

6.Widely used in microelectronics, precision electronics, precision hardware, deep hole wall, life science, animal and plant morphology, criminal investigation and identification and other industries.

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1.255*200mm big black base plate

2.2D/3D rotating viewer

3.Four-zone LED ring light source

4.0.6-5.0X zoom main body

5.CCD interface

6.1/2 "HDMI Camera

7.φ32mm column aperture

8.Coarse focus adjustment mechanism

9.12.5 inch monitor

10.Display crossbar bracket