SMT Matrix Intelligent Locked Storage Rack


Part 1:Solution overview

1. Cloud to End control (Cloud---Server, End--- Storage Rack, Handheld PDA): Only level-1 data access and level-1 instruction sending and receiving (i.e. cloud storage, but not storage at the end, and execution at the cloud sending instruction end), and the global feedback mechanism (data and instruction verification) have low requirements on the network, which can solve the problem of high data synchronization error rate from the root. Support network cable or full WiFi mode.

2. Multipurpose storage: Workshop warehouse matrix storage, smt line side warehouse.

3. Data flow: The handheld PDA collects the bar code of the material tray (the station label can be printed synchronously), and the system controls, issuing, feeding or replenishing according to the work order and the feeding table.

4. Traceability: Real name IC card hierarchical authority management, recording operation log, responsibility traceability, whereabouts traceability, quantity change traceability. Part

Detailed Description

1. Classified warehouse: general warehouse (first class warehouse, existing) → centralized warehouse (second class warehouse, new) → smt line side warehouse (third class warehouse, new).

 2.Digitalization: collect data with barcode of material tray, control by system, issue, pick or load materials by cycle, work order and material loading table.

 3.Efficient flow: intelligent software and hardware assistance, fool type quick take, put or reload, AGV car automatic transportation, accurate and efficient.

 4.Traceability: add operator ID management, record operation log, responsibility traceability, destination traceability, quantity change traceability

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