SMT OFF-Line Machine AOI-V8


For SMT pre-reflow, post-reflow inline inspection Granite platform, greatly improve machine precision and stability Programmable RGB+W LED lighting source Telecentric lens with constant magnification and low distortion response to high compone

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1.LOG automatic collecting and storage function, NG warning/alarm function, Remote programming & debugging.

2.Inspection ability: insufficient, short, soldering hole, solder covering pin, contamination, misalignment, missing part, skewed, billboard, mounting on side, overturn, wrong part, damaged, float, polarity, pseudo soldering, empty solder, excessive glue etc.

3.Perfect SPC collects NG information off line and generates all kinds of production tables automatically.

4.Mature control center function, clear software interface.

5.Good stability(GR&R<10% @6 Sigma,CPK>1.33(Test deviation accuracy less than ±0.25mm.

6.Camera move, conveyor fixed during test.

7.PCB warpage compensation: total Mark compensation calibration, component position frame compensation.