3D-Solder Paste Inspection I.C.T-S400/S400D/S1200


Introduction I.C.T 3D SPI can completely solve the problem of shadow and random reflection in the detection process, so that solder paste 3D detection accuracy is higher; equipped with a 5M pixel high-speed camera, detection speed is faster, the image is more delicate and rich; it is an ideal choice for high-speed and high-precision production lines.


1. The lens of professional lens design makes the image more uniform and delicate, and greatly improves the stability of detection. 2.It can be imported into Gerber file programming, or can be used to edit and debug money from image editing mode.

3.The multi direction 3D projection method can effectively solve the detection error caused by the shadow effect in the solder paste detection process.

4.The operation system improves the result recognition and processing function according to the user level interface structure.

5. High precision programmable black and white moire fringe, the highest measuring accuracy 0.67um.

6.Based on accurate 3 dimensional measurement data, operators can optimize the whole project in a short time

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