Stencil Inspection Machine I.C.T-S780

Introduction: The industry's leading automatic stencil inspection machine I.C.T-S780, can quickly solve the problem of stencil making and cleaning, improve the cleaning process; establish the stencil management standards, improve production management system; replace manual inspection, reduce labor costs, improve product quality; and from the source to solve printing problem.

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Full function:

Minimum inspection size: 30x30 μ m. Applicable to: quality inspection of semiconductor and SMT stencil. Programming through Gerber file can be completed in 3 ~ 5 minutes. Stencil hole inspection requires full coverage. Microscopic observation of stencil wall. Visual measurement of stepped stencil thickness. High precision tension measurement scheme. Inspection for poor hole of the whole plate.

High precision:

Concept design of high precision measuring equipment. Class 00 marble platform to ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment platform. The natural floating assembly method is adopted to keep it natural and free from external forces; The fully cast gantry structure is processed by natural aging, stress release process and finishing to ensure the stability and high precision of the moving mechanism. High precision and high-speed non-contact grating ruler (Renishaw brand in the UK), combined with software and machinery, carries out closed-loop control of motion positioning accuracy to ensure mechanical positioning accuracy. The whole board is photographed and scanned in flight, and the whole board detection is completed in 3 minutes. 6.9um resolution German IDS high-end industrial camera. The top ring LED light source, combined with the follow-up high-performance coaxial led bottom light source, has strong penetration, reduces halo and ensures clear imaging at the edge of the hole. The z-axis height movement system can cope with various specifications of stencil and meet the requirements of automatic tension test.

Process research window:

Virtual printing function 1. Comparison and analysis of stencil Gerber. 2. PCB Gerber comparative analysis. 3. PCB physical scanning and comparison. 4. Physical scanning, detection and comparison of stencilThe above four points are fully combined with the comparative analysis function to check the differences in the hole process of stencil, Simulate the amount of tin under the stencil in advance to provide objective data required for process analysis.

Grouping and grading method:

For different sizes, different component types and different levels of holes, Use different levels of detection parameters to better ensure the accuracy of high-precision components.

Exclusive 3D stencil thickness measurement technology: Based on the principle of triangulation, the thickness of stencil and the smoothness of hole wall are measured with a special 3D thickness measurement camera corresponding to the 45 degree angle of hole wall. t=h*sina; Through the 3D angle camera, the thickness of the hole is observed and calculated in real time. Measurement resolution: 0.12um, measurement accuracy: 1.2u