The I.C.T-7900 is designed to provide high resolution x-ray imaging primarily for the electronics industry. This versatile system is effective for many applications within the PCB manufacturing process. This includes BGA, CSP, QFN, Flip Chip, COB and the wide range of SMT components. I.C.T-7900 is a powerful support tool for process development, process monitoring and refinement of the rework operation.


1.90kV 5µm closed X-ray tube

2.High resolution FPD with 4-axis motion system, meet basic inspection demands

3.Navigation in windows, target tracking conveniently

4.CNC program, improve efficiency significantly

5.Max. loading area 440mm×400mm, max. inspection area 420mm×380mm, with 360X Magnification

6.BGA void/area auto-measurement plus report generation 7.Multi-function DXI image processing system

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SMT, BGA, CSP, Flip Chip, LED Detection, Semiconductor, Packaging components, Battery Industry, Electronic components, Automotive parts, Photo-voltaic, Aluminium Die-casting, Moulding Plastic. Ceramics, other special industries. X-Ray Inspection Images: